Assignment of Payment

The locum physician agrees to assign payment to the host physician’s payment number for services provided while on assignment, including on-call, as per health authority requirements. The host physician is responsible for submitting claims to MSP within two weeks after the end of the locum assignment, and refuse claims within two weeks of the refusal date.

An Assignment of Payment is a legal agreement through which a practitioner designates that MSP payments for his/her services are to be made to another practitioner or group such as a clinic or hospital.

The Assignment of Payment needs to be submitted to the Locums for Rural BC office prior to the commencement of the locum assignment.

Application for Payment of Daily Rate

Locum physicians are paid the following guaranteed daily rates based on community designation:

Locum physicians are paid a daily rate from $1275 to $1658 dependent upon the community. In general, the higher the number of rural points a community receives, the higher the daily rate. For more information regarding specific rates for rural communities, please contact the Locums for Rural BC Program.

  • A & B communities – $1412 – $1658
  • C communities – $1275
  • D communities – $1275

Enhanced skills stipend pay locums $100 per day for obstetrics/
gynecology, general surgery and anesthesia. The maximum is $100
per day. Enhanced skills are paid when required by a rural hospital.

Emergency on-call stipend of $135 is paid to locums for the days the locum appears on the call rota to provide less than 24-hour call. Emergency on-call stipend of $300 is paid for 24-hour call.



For weekend assignments, a locum will be paid 2 daily rates + ½ a daily rate to cover 18:00 Friday to 8:00 Monday.  The on-call stipend will be applied as applicable and in eligible communities.  The on-call stipend pays locums $135 for ER coverage less than 24 hours and $300 for ER coverage for 24 hours. This policy is effective January 1, 2021.

The host physician must reimburse the locum for services not covered by MSP (e.g. private, ICBC, WorkSafeBC, and reciprocal billings) less the 40% recovered for overhead, and ensure that the locum receives the on-call payment and retention premium, if applicable.

Please note: Communities funded under an Alternative Payment Program (APP) clinical service contract stipulate a 50/50 split for all third-party payments (50% of the claim paid to the Health Authority/agencies; 50% of the payment returned the APP). Rural GP Locums will receive their daily rate, plus 60% of the 50% third-party payment(s) received by the Health Authority. Any third-party payments will be paid directly to the locum by the Host Physician/clinic or Health Authority.