Reimbursement for accommodations while providing locum service under the rural locum programs in an A or B community will be paid for the duration of the assignment in accordance with the approved list of accommodations offering government rates. Physicians providing locum services in C or D communities will be reimbursed for overnight accommodations while traveling to and from the community only.

Government rates will be applied. Original receipts are required.

Note: Pre-paid accommodation booking by Locums for Rural BC staff is recommended. Contact for assistance.


Locum physicians will be paid travel honorariums, transportation, and meals (to be claimed while on travel status only) when they are providing locum services.

Meal allowance (to be claimed while on travel status only): 

Breakfast before7:00 $22
Lunch before12:00 $22
Dinner after18:00 $28.50
Breakfast and Lunch$30.00
Breakfast and Dinner$36.50
Lunch and Dinner$36.50
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $49.00
Incidentals (only if no meals)$14.00

Out of Province Travel Allowance

Locums travelling from out-of-province to B.C. for an assignment are eligible for reimbursement up to $1000 for round-trip travel from their primary residence to B.C. Travel costs that will be reimbursed include airfare, mileage, airport parking, and taxis. Travel time honorarium is payable within B.C. borders only.

The OOP travel time is calculated as follows:
Motor vehicle: from the time when the vehicle crosses the BC border.
Air: from the time when the aeroplane lands for the first time in BC.

Travel Time Honorarium

Travel time for locum physicians will be reimbursed follows:

Less than 2.5 hours$250
2.5 to 4 hours$500
4 to 10 hours$1,000
Over 10 hours$1,500 maximum

Outbound Travel time is calculated from the time the physician leaves their residence to the arrival time in the community. Inbound travel time is calculated from the time the physician leaves the community to the arrival time back to their primary residence, to a maximum of $1500.00 per return trip.


The policy for reimbursing vehicle expenses incurred by locum physicians is:

  • Car rental (economy class) will be reimbursed. Road and weather conditions are considered at the time of the assignment. 
  • Personal vehicle use will be reimbursed at 61 cents/km while providing locum services in the community under the rural locum program in an A or B community only. Reimbursement for physicians providing locum services in C or D communities will be made only when traveling to and from the community. 
  • Original receipts are required.


Expenses for family members are not covered and any additional costs are the responsibility of the locum physician. 


Locum physicians must contact the facility to determine if pets are allowed. Any additional costs are the responsibility of the locum physician. 

Note: All locum physician financial forms are located online in your account effective August 31, 2022.