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Front (L to R): Lily, Stephanie, Gurpreet | Back (L to R): Randall, Tracy, Michelle | Absent: Uma, Emily, Nadya

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  • Tracy Devenish, Program Manager
  • Randall Dominix, Associate Consultant
  • Stephanie Scott, Associate Consultant
  • Lily Tran, Senior Locum Officer
  • Uma Samithyotin, Senior Locum Officer
  • Gurpreet Gill, Locum Officer
  • Emily Glendinning, Locum Officer
  • Nadya Quere, Locum Officer

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Fax: 1.877.387.4757
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Monday to Friday: 0830 - 1630 PST

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Renfrew Centre
#300 - 2889 E. 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
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