RGPLP - General Practitioner needed for Pender Island Medical Clinic

Role and Facility Information

Locum needed to cover weekend on call at Pender Island Medical Clinic. There is a choice 2 different weekends. Accommodation provided.


Per Diem Rate for RGPLP

Daily Rate

Per 24 hours

communities - $850.00

Weekend Coverage

Fri 18:00 to Monday 08:00

communities - $2,300.00

Please note:
In the event of a weekend, including a statutory holiday, payment will be a calculation of the weekend rate plus one day of the daily rate based on community type.

APP Communities under the Rural GP Locum Program Only
Communities funded under an Alternative Payment Program (APP) clinical service contract stipulate a 50/50 split for all third-party payments (50% of the claim paid to the Health Authority/agencies; 50% of the payment returned the APP). Rural GP Locums will receive their daily rate, plus 60% of the 50% third-party payment(s) received by the Health Authority. Any third-party payments will be paid directly to the locum by the Host Physician/clinic or Health Authority.

Coverage Information

Coverage Dates - Weekend

Jun 22 2018 to Jun 25 2018
Regular Scheduled Office Hours
No Yes
On Call Hours
18:00 hrs Friday - 8:00 hrs Monday

About the Clinic

Clinic Description

Clinic Composition

2 physicians, 1 NP, office staff.

Local Resources

Residential care, anesthesiology, minor surgery, lab, x-ray, physio, mental and public health, social worker.

Emergency Framework

Ambulance & Community Paramedics

Call Expectations

On call - 24 hours weekdays and weekends.

Visiting Specialist/Consultant Information

Specialists in Victoria: Cardio, gastro, ent, ophth, phsych, geriatric, neuro, etc.

EMR Information

EMR System


What training is provided for the EMR System

1 hour orientation with other doctor: MOA's at start of locum.

Level of Support/Care and Policy

Welcoming Procedures

Handbook with info about community facilities and recreation including hiking trails.


Binder provided with info and instructions, passwords, keys and tour of clinic and services provided.

Social Involvement


Clinic Policy

No information specified

Accommodation and Transportation

The clinic does provide accommodation.

Accommodation Description

Use of house with laundry and kitchen.

Most Convenient Mode of Transportation

Sail by BC ferries and by car.

Closest Amenities

Grocery Store

No information specified

Community Centre

Kayaking, theatre, gym.

Other Closest Amenities

Restaurants, pubs.