RGPLP - covered by Dr. Nigel Mathews

Role and Facility Information

This is an office with 4 physicians, each with an MOA using Profile EMR. We also have an on-site nurse and Special Programs Officer. For more information about our community please visit hellobc.com/grand-forks


Per Diem Rate for RGPLP

Daily Rate

Per 24 hours

communities - $900.00

Weekend Coverage

Fri 18:00 to Monday 08:00

communities - $2,450.00

Please note:
In the event of a weekend, including a statutory holiday, payment will be a calculation of the weekend rate plus one day of the daily rate based on community type.

Coverage Information

Coverage Dates

Mar 26 2018 to Mar 29 2018
Regular Scheduled Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
No No

About the Clinic

Clinic Description

Clinic Composition

4 Physicians, 1 Registered Nurse, 1 Special Programs Officer, Office staff.

Local Resources

Lab, X-ray, Physio, Social Worker, Mental Health, Public Health.

Emergency Framework

Ambulance including Air Ambulance.

Call Expectations

No call shifts for this posting

CME Schedule

No information specified.

Visiting Specialist/Consultant Information

All types of specialists are available.

EMR Information

EMR System


What training is provided for the EMR System

On the job with staff at the start of locum.

Level of Support/Care and Policy

Welcoming Procedures

No information specified.


On the job orientation.

Social Involvement

Not applicable.

Clinic Policy

No information specified.

Accommodation and Transportation

The clinic does provide accommodation.

Accommodation Description

Use of house, or accommodation equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities will be provided.

Most Convenient Mode of Transportation

Fly via Air Canada Jazz to Castlegar.

Car rentals are available from Enterprise and Budget.

Closest Amenities

Grocery Store

No information specified.

Community Centre

Pool, golfing, hiking.

Other Closest Amenities