RGPLP - covered by Dr. Bob Henderson

Role and Facility Information

5 days coverage for Dr. Maciej Mierzewski for Jan. 22nd - Jan. 26th 2018 (clinic and on call).


Per Diem Rate for RGPLP

Daily Rate

Per 24 hours

communities - $800.00

Weekend Coverage

Fri 18:00 to Monday 08:00

communities - $2,150.00

Please note:
In the event of a weekend, including a statutory holiday, payment will be a calculation of the weekend rate plus one day of the daily rate based on community type.

Coverage Information

Coverage Dates

Jan 22 2018 to Jan 26 2018
Regular Scheduled Office Hours
Monday to Friday, 9-5
Yes No
On Call Hours
Thursday Jan. 25/18

About the Clinic

Clinic Description

Clinic Composition

3 Physicians, office manager, office staff.

Local Resources

Lab, x-ray, physio, maternity, social worker, public health, pharmacy, nurse practitioner.

Emergency Framework

Ambulance, paramedics, helipad, emergency room.

Call Expectations

24 hours / 1 evening per week.

CME Schedule

Not applicable.

Visiting Specialist/Consultant Information

Mental health nurse 4 days p/w, part time senior's health social worker.

EMR Information

EMR System

Telus Health and Wolf

What training is provided for the EMR System

The doctor and/or office manager provides a 1 hour orientation to the clinic and EMR on the first day.

Level of Support/Care and Policy

Welcoming Procedures

A welcome package is provided.


Provided by the doctor/office manager, includes passwords, keys, map, alarm code, ferry schedule, on-call schedule, list of specialists contact details.

Social Involvement

No information specified

Clinic Policy

Must be a patient of the clinic and the patient must come in.

Accommodation and Transportation

The clinic does provide accommodation.

Accommodation Description

Equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities, and access to a car is provided if needed.

Most Convenient Mode of Transportation

Sail via BC Ferries from Nanaimo.

Closest Amenities

Grocery Store

No information specified

Community Centre

Gym, hiking/biking trails, golfing, parks.

Other Closest Amenities

Bank with ATM, post office, restaurants.