RGPLP - General Practitioner needed for Agassiz Community Health Centre

Role and Facility Information

My practice in Agassiz is a small practice of about 900 people, mostly filled with geriatric patients. This practice sees 25-30 people per day, in 15 minute intervals. 75% of the visits on most days are patients over 70, and there is also a 5% rural incentive fee. The practice also offers a once daily “home visit” for one of the assisted living homes in the area, which only takes about 10-15 minutes each morning. My inpatient load is generally 2-4 patients at any given time. Half of that number is typically non-acute. If a prospective locum doesn't want to do inpatient care, I can continue to cover the hospital responsibilities through the locum. I'll come out to the clinic twice weekly to pick up any disability forms or medicolegal reports that need to be done.


Per Diem Rate for RGPLP

Daily Rate

Per 24 hours

communities - $900
communities - $850
communities - $800
communities - $750

Weekend Coverage

Fri 18:00 to Monday 08:00

communities - $2,450
communities - $2,300
communities - $2,150
communities - $2,000

Please note:
In the event of a weekend, including a statutory holiday, payment will be a calculation of the weekend rate plus one day of the daily rate based on community type.

Coverage Information

Sep 04 2017 to Sep 29 2017
Regular Scheduled Office Hours
Monday to Friday. Clinic Hours 10am - 5pm
No No

About the Clinic

Clinic Description

Clinic Composition

Currently 2 physicians, 2 Nurse Practitioners, admin staff and Clinic Supervisor

Local Resources

Mental Health, Youth Clinic, some Social Work, Publick Health

Emergency Framework


Call Expectations

No call expectations for this locum

CME Schedule


Visiting Specialist/Consultant Information

No information provided

EMR Information

EMR System


What training is provided for the EMR System

I would be happy to come out and give a "crash course", but it's truly quite simple

Level of Support/Care and Policy

Welcoming Procedures




Accommodation and Transportation

The clinic does not provide accommodation.